Doing Good Is Right Anytime

Jesus was faced with the question of healing someone on the Sabbath in Matthew chapter 12. Why? It was against the tradition of the Jews of His day to do any type of work, good or bad on the Sabbath. Jesus could have submitted to these religious leaders and told the man to hold-on until the next day. Instead He suggested that doing good is right anytime and healed the man.

But before this act of healing He made a statement that we should never forget. He said in verses six and seven:

(6)”But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here.”                                       (7)”But if you had known what this means, ‘I DESIRE COMPASSION, AND NOT A SACRIFICE,’ you would not have condemned the innocent. (KJV)

Jesus was actually quoting Hosea 6:6 where it was clearly laid-out in The Law what God desires more than sacrifice. He desires compassion and love before He desires ritual. Doing good is right anytime or any place in God’s eyes. If rescuing someone in trouble or in need interrupts a religious ritual than, according to Jesus, do so. In this way you have given God something even better than a sacrifice, you have shown love for your neighbor.

The act of doing good out of a heart of love or compassion or empathy is like a sweet smelling sacrifice to God. He will not forget what you have done; especially if you had to interrupt a service, a prayer, a baptism, or any other religious act (that may be godly and necessary) just to do good.

‘Doing good is right anytime,’ should be the motto of every Christian because it was one of the themes of Jesus’ own life on Earth.

What does doing good entail, anyway?

It is a:

  • random act of kindness for someone in serious distress.
  • caring for the sick, the wounded, and the dying.
  • saving someone’s life or soul who are on the edge of destruction.
  • It is being there for those who are mourning, or have had their lives devastated by tragedy.

In short, doing good is right anytime, is the lifestyle of a Believer.  A-men



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