Anointed Worship


Worship and praise are food for the soul. Anointed worship is where God joins us with His glorious power to worship Him in the beauty of holiness. Consider Jesus’ proclamation of worship in John 4:24-

“God is a spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth”(NASB).

What is worship, really?

Worship is expressing God’s worth and value to us in a heartfelt, deep, place. Real anointed worship focuses on God’s worth-ship. That is to say, to celebrate before God how we feel about Him and Who He is to us.

Worship is a deep fellowship session with God.

Many in the church, today, have casually and haphazardly used the word “worship” in describing a church service or the part of a church service where we sing and praise. Praise can be corporate but worship is extremely personal.

I agree that anointed worship should be done in church services along with corporate praise. The anointing can be stronger and more intense when we worship God together. Yet, the worshiper must have laser-focus on God. He or she must be willing to pour-out there hearts to God unshamedly.

There must be an atmosphere created for worship. Good anointed music sets the tone then, sincere praise ushers in an anointing that empowers us to open ourselves to God in a heartfelt manner.

Take the time to worship God each day. It is the foundation of fellowship with God.


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