Only Jesus Can End Terrorism

images (10)Many are saddened even perplexed by the recent atrocious acts of terrorism that have occurred in Paris, France. Others even find themselves questioning the perverted reasoning or logic behind such inhumane attacks. Why would anybody want to hurt innocent people just further their own diluted cause? Furthermore, we ask, why would anyone want to kill himself or herself in a vicious effort just to kill other people?


If I might be brash, and bold enough to try to answer these questions with a simple two-word answer, Sin and hate. I realize that this answer might sound too easy and even too obvious to most people who are believers in God and in sin, and in justice. Nevertheless, the truth that we must remind ourselves is that terrorism is nothing new. It has been with us in one form or the other for centuries.

Since this is true, the next question that begs an answer is, what do all these violent hate groups have in common? After all, we cannot say they all came from the same culture. We cannot even say they had the same religion, language, or ethnicity. As we study history, there mainly two things that stick-out which all hold in common, namely hate and sin.

Therefore, just as they said in the comic strips, ‘This is a job for Superman!’ We must face the fact that this a job for God and only Jesus can end terrorism in our world.

Insane acts of violence and terror have occurred all throughout history. As we pill back the pages of time, we can usually find these acts of merciless violence in almost every culture, every language and among almost every ethnic group. Very few cultures in history have been immune to vicious acts of violence and terror perpetrated on them by hate-filled gangs of ideologues.

Yet, Jesus brings with Him an eternal answer that (Check the Record) has withstood opposing kings and kingdoms, emperors and princes, atheists and dictators alike. That has buried those who thought they could bury His name. That has mocked the graves and memories of those who mocked His name and His people.

Jesus brings the Power of Almighty God the CREATOR of all men and women.

What Significance Does God As Creator Have On this Subject?

Think about it, just as when one creates, one can also re-create that which is broken. Therefore, just as Jesus created the heart of those that became diseased with hatred and broken with sin, He can, just as easily, re-create them and give them a healthy heart full of love and full of righteousness.

Think about that for a minute.

How does this happen?

When these soldiers of wickedness come to the end of their ropes and to their wits-end, and they all eventually do, even the atheist and unbelievers among them cry out to some God. They may not even be sure who they are praying to, but, hear this. Once they look to their Creator with the heart of a child and consistently, constantly cry out like a helpless little child to a large and powerful Father. This seems to get God’s attention.

I have heard the real life miraculous testimonies confirming what Jesus spoke about in Matthew 18:2-4 when He said,

(2)’And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,’

(3) “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

(4)” Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

There are living breathing testimonies from former disciples of hate, murderers, soldiers of fortune and cold-blooded individuals who once they had enough of it all, and decided to fast and cry out to a God that they barely believed in with the mindset of a little child, something happened which changed their whole lives.

No, they did not encounter a religion, or priest or preacher. No, moreover, they did not encounter an enlightened individual or informed sect. Nor could they find a group, government, or philosophy that was able to, permanently, rid them of the misery that was in their hearts. Instead, they encountered the power of God the Creator in the person of Jesus the Christ and (Do you want to know what He did?) He performed emergency re-creation surgery on their hearts and minds, which actually transformed them into better people.

These people found themselves in the ‘Use-to-be’ category. Their hearts use to be filled with hate, and now they are filled with love. They use to kill and now they try to heal and build instead. They use to plot and devise schemes to destroy, but some-how they were able to get the attention of the Master Surgeon of Creation and He came to them, re-created their hearts, and re-created their minds.

Thus, let it be echoed from the highest mountains, and let it be heard from one continent to the next, only Jesus can end terrorism in the world! Only Jesus has the power of re-creation and transformation to those who would dare humble themselves as a child and ask Him, to change their live! Re-creation is a complete transformation and transformation is a complete remodeling, and remodeling is a complete change. Finally, a complete change in creation can really only be performed by the Master Creator Himself, the Lord Jesus!   A-MEN 

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