Ligtning PowerThe angel Gabriel told Mary in Luke 1:37,  “For with God nothing shall be impossible” (King James Version).  Gabriel was referring to Mary’s older cousin, Elizabeth who had been barren for decades and well beyond child-bearing years. Then, all of a sudden, in God’s own time, He caused her to conceive! Normally, with a barren woman, natural child-bearing is an impossibility, but nothing is impossible with God.

There is literally, nothing that God cannot do; there is nothing that is too hard for God (Jeremiah 32:17), this is why we can trust Him. We can trust God with our jobs, our schools, our children, our relationships, and ultimately with our lives. This mighty Angel came from the throne of Almighty God to inform Mary that she was to conceive a child, not from Joseph (the one she was engaged to be married to), not from another man, but from the Most High God through the Holy Ghost. God, for the first and only time, would have a human child with a human woman.

That is why Jesus is called God’s only begotten Son.

Jesus’ Humanity

This child would be part-man and, in His spirit, all God. Normally, this supernatural phenomenon would be impossible, but with God nothing shall be impossible. In fact, there was a certain sect of angels, who near the beginning of creation, had children with earthly women (Genesis 6:1-2). But unlike Mary’s child, these children had not lived in eternity past as heavenly beings, but this special child that Mary was to conceive was the One Who created the world that Mary actually lived in.

The miracle of the event was not only the immaculate conception, but also, the fact that Mary would bring God into the world in human form. This baby, named Jesus, was not to have the seed of man but to have the seed of God. In other words the sperm was from God and the egg was from the woman named Mary.  Therefore, God became a human baby that grew-up as a human child and became a human man so that He could sacrifice His human body to save all humanity from their sins.

Jesus’ Purpose

It was the God in Jesus that made Him a perfect person, but it was the humanity in Jesus’ flesh that made Him eligible to become the sacrifice for all humanity on the cross. Please don’t get it twisted, the purpose of Jesus’ birth was the cross. It was not to come to show some love to God’s people, it was the cross! It was not simply to show man how to live; and it was not simply to show man the miracles of God, He came with the purpose of becoming the One and only Person Who could pay the penalty for the sins of the whole world by nailing them to the cross.

That is why in this season of Christmas, we can agree with the angel and say, “with God nothing shall be impossible,” If God can cause a virgin to conceive and bring someone into the world Who was already alive in eternity past, than nothing is impossible with Him. Not only that, if God can cause a barren woman who is was way past menopause to conceive and bare a child, He is definitely the God of impossibilities. Therefore, when we pray, our faith should rest on the fact that the word: impossible is not in God’s dictionary.    A-MEN

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