Freedom In Christ

images (1)Acts 13: 39 “And through Him everyone who believes is freed from all things, from which you could not be freed through the Law of Moses.” (NASB)

In Christ you can find freedom from every bondage, and from every need that exists. He is the ultimate Source for all of our needs. His shed blood opens the door to all deliverance and resolves all needs both spiritual and physical. Yet this freedom in Christ cannot be found everywhere because it is exclusive. In order to obtain this freedom one must be a believer in Christ and a believer in the power, alone, of His sacrificial work on the cross to save.

Again, I must say in Christ the door is open to “everyone” to receive this freedom only, however, as long as they choose to believe in Jesus by placing their faith in Him, alone, to save them. Moreover, this freedom in Christ cannot be found in the “Law of Moses,” or any other law or man-made creed. True freedom comes from God Who is the Inventor and the Founder of the very meaning of freedom.

How Has The All-Powerful God Given Freedom?

From the very beginning of creation God gave freedom of choice, what is called ‘freewill’, first to the heavenly beings called Angels. The Angels were created with the freedom to choose to love and serve God or to love and serve another. In fact, we discover (in Isaiah 13:12-17, Revelations 12:4, and Luke 10:18) that one-third of the Angels sided with Lucifer (also known as Satan or the Devil) in his first great rebellion against God and were fiercely thrown out of Heaven with the fury of lightning. Later, God decided to create man and woman with free choice, as well.

It is in God’s sovereign will to not impose His will on mankind but to allow him to have the ability to choose to love and serve God or not. This is why God placed the first man and woman in a paradise called the ‘Garden of Eden’ to show them the excellent beauty and the unlimited benefits of loving and obeying Him. Then, He placed only one tree among many in the center of the garden with a “No Trespass” sign to prove their loyalty. Unfortunately, however, the first man and woman failed the test and chose not to trust or obey God.

But in His great mercy God chose not to finish or destroy man but to save him instead. Back in the annals of the beginning of creation, it was decided that God would send His Son into the world to pay the penalty for all the sins that people would ever commit through the sacrifice of His own body. It was decided that Jesus would have to go to the cross and endure the suffering and shame not for any wrong that He would do but for the transgressions of the entire human race.

Furthermore, His sacrifice would pay for more than just our salvation, which is the most important thing, it would, also, pay for other needs as well. His sacrifice paid for any healing that is needed. A person can claim that healing by the shed blood of Christ and receive healing from disease. Then, it pays for deliverance from any and all bondage. A believer can ask God, in Jesus name, to be delivered from drugs,  alcohol, perversion, lying, stealing, demonic oppression and just about any other bondage that you can name.

The Price Has Already Been Paid, Hallelujah!

Since the price has already been paid, we can walk in this freedom, live in this freedom, and stand strong in the freedom in Christ. By faith we can reside under the umbrella of the finished work of Christ. No longer are we captives of Satan but Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. No longer are we stuck in the rut of sin but our sins have been forgiven! FREE AT LAST, when we accept the fact that Jesus PAID IT ALL! Thank God Almighty We Can be FREE AT LAST!    A-men


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