Words of Wisdom for Our Times

July 21, 2012

Due to the tragic events in the news today, we are faced with a choice to either bow to fear or overcome tragedy with faith in God.

We must chose faith!

We are, also, called to a posture of prayer; remember to pray for the safety of loved ones and, most importantly, the salvation and repentance of all those around us.

We don’t know when our time here is up!

These events remind us of how human and frail that we are. Had it not been for God’s Angels watching over us we would be destroyed, but God kept us. Let us focus our faith on God’s Divine deliverance physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The late great pastor-prophet Dr. Frederick G. Sampson preached a sermon entitled: ‘The Illusion of Safety’

Safety is only an illusion when we place our confidence in human mean of protection. Yet, we must remember God’s promises yield our confidence to Him: “He that watches Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps…” (





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