The Attributes Of God-His Discipline

One of the attributes or characteristics of God is His discipline. Many people get confused when they try to reconcile the love of God with the wrath or discipline of God. They wonder: “How can a loving God bring such destructive judgment against His own creation?” The truth is, people actually bring destructive judgment against themselves when the violate the basic laws of a Holy God.

Please, don’t get it twisted, God’s discipline is different than His wrath. God’s wrath is poured out on wicked unbelievers and usually involves complete and utter destruction like He poured out on Sodom and Gomorrah for their degenerate sins in Genesis chapter 19. But His discipline, however, is usually preserved for His children, or those whom He has placed an anointing and a calling on (before they are even aware of Him).

One of the attributes of God-His discipline ensures safety and salvation toward those who will be trained by it. Because God sees the destruction ahead, He must correct us to cause us to change directions. Consider the way the writer of the book of Hebrews said it in Hebrews 12:9-11,

(9)”Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live?”

(10)”For they indeed for a few days chastened us as seemed best to them, but He for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness.”

 (11)” Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”(KJV)

Basically, God’s discipline trains us with the purpose of molding us into the image of Christ. For those who will be subject to the discipline of God, righteousness will emerge from it.

Why Christians seem to get punished quicker than unbelievers?

It is because God is preparing them for an eternality of peace and not an eternality pain and suffering in the Lake of Fire. You see, for those who have not placed their faith in Jesus Christ and His work of salvation on the cross, this is it for them. This world, sadly, is the only Heaven that they will ever know. For all of eternality they will only know pain and suffering.

God does not want this for His creation, especially, His children even when we are rebellious. His correction or discipline keeps our eyes and faith centered on Jesus Christ. God’s wrath will sometimes bring even unbelieving sinners to their knees.

Therefore, in conclusion, one of the attributes of God-His discipline is actually an expression of His love which acts to preserve and save His children from the wrath to come. Because He is not a vengeful God, like most pagan gods are, He only acts in our best interest for our good. Therefore, we should not resist or resent God’s discipline but welcome it as His firm hand of love. Praise God For Correcting Us!  A-men

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