The Attributes Of God-Introduction To Who God Is

God is love, therefore, many people believe that He can’t possibly send people to hell. Yet, what does perfect love encompass? The attributes of God really are the attributes of perfect love at its highest level. Understanding the Love of God might allow us to somewhat understand the Wrath of God.

In this series of lessons we will attempt to explain and define the attributes of God-introduction to who God is. Many of us have heard the phrase that, “God is Love,” but do we know if it scriptural or is it just some nice Christian saying that was made-up over the years by well intentioned believers.

In fact, the Bible actually teaches this to be true. The Disciple of Jesus affectionately known as, ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved,'(John 20:2) later, being inspired by the Holy Ghost, wrote in his epistle defining God as love in I John 4:8 & 16 he writes:

(8)”He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”(KJV)

(16)”And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”(KJV)

Clearly, John says that God is the very essence of Love. We know love to be a powerful force in our world. The love of a parent for a child, or the love of a child for his parent. The love of a man for his wife or the love of a wife for her husband. Then, there is the special love shared between friends. Some people are closer to their friends then their own family members.

Why is this intangible (untouchable) force called love so very powerful in our lives?

Could love be so powerful because the very character and essence of our Creator is love? God the Father, Who is seated on the highest throne in the universe, where all life originates from and through Him. Every electron, neutron, and proton proceeds from Him. The souls of men and women start out as thoughts in His mind. Yes, God is what makes love so powerful.

Yet, while love is so very powerful, the opposite of love, hate, is so very destructive. Hate is  not in the nature of God so hate serves to destroy what love builds and creates. Hate undermines, steals and kills. Therefore, God’s attributes of Perfect Love demands that He deal with the hate that develops due to rebellion in His creation.

The Attributes of God-introduction to Who He is will be the attributes of what perfect love is composed of. True Love is composed of:

  • Justice- God is Chief Judge of all living beings.
  • Discipline – God cannot allow hate and evil to go unchecked.
  • Mercy- God shows unual patience toward His creation.
  • Kindness- God sustains life for the both the just and the unjust.
  • Grace- God show unusual and undeserved favor towards us.

These attributes will be better defined as our series progresses on the Attribute of God. For now, however, we are beginning to get an idea of how a loving God can allow so much suffering. Furthermore, we see that a Perfect God has perfect attributes which cannot be fully comprehended by imperfect people. This is why we question God’s decisions.

Questioning God’s actions is not wise, however, because as we will begin to see in this series, God will not go against His Character and nature. But God will act out of Perfect love that will, one day, lead to a perfect world.  Hallelujah!  A-men

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