images (1)Dependency on God is the strongest position that a person can ever be in. Many times we view dependency on God as the last resort, as if when we run out of all other options, than we should go to God. No, God does not want to be in our last place, He wants to be our first option with all of our problems. When we dare to trust God with every area and aspect of our lives to help us, guide us, strengthen us, or deliver us, then and only then is our faith is on the right track. Otherwise our faith is on the wrong track

Reported to be the wisest man to ever have lived, King Solomon explained it this way in Proverbs 3:5 & 6,

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”(KJV)

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”(KJV)

If anybody had the right to depend on their own understanding it was King Solomon. God gave Him extreme wisdom and knowledge. Not only was he one of the richest and most influential kings to ever live, he was a scientist, a prophet, and a philosopher. It is believed that he created the science of Botany. Yet, Solomon discovered and acknowledge that his brilliance was NOTHING compared to the Knowledge of the Lord.

We must understand that God has a greater viewpoint than any other being in the natural or in the spiritual. God KNOWS and SEES everything that is happening at all times, and no one else does.  His knowledge is unlimited and therefore dependency on Him means that we are trusting the wisest person in the universe (Who, by the way, created the universe) putting us in the smartest position.

Solomon’s wisdom led Him to realize that the best position for a person to be in is to trust in the Lord with their whole heart, not partially trust Him and then partially trust in ourselves or someone else. It is complete dependency that is the Key to our success in every endeavor.

How Do We Depend On God?

Solomon addressed this in our text as well. He gave us two actions that ensure correct dependency:

  • First, we are not to lean on our on understanding but lean heavily on God’s understanding (verse 5).
  • Second, in all our ways acknowledge Him or seek His will, and recognize Him (verse 6).

Then, we get to another important aspect of completely trusting God in Proverbs 3 and verse 7, it says:

“Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.”(KJV)

We should not think that we know everything or can figure out everything because we don’t know everything and we cannot figure out everything. What we should do instead is “Fear The Lord…” and leave evil.

Finally, there is an old saying that says, “practice makes perfect,” We practice songs, practice speeches, practice our exams, why not practice acknowledging God and leaning heavily on Him? Before we do anything, why not say something like,

  • “Lord help me,”
  • “Holy Spirit, help me.”
  • or “Jesus, I am depending on you,” or in some way recognize God?

It will take proactive actions like these to train ourselves to have complete dependency on God. Otherwise, we will be like people in the world that end-up depending on riches, or man’s knowledge, or government intervention, or some influential organization, or drugs and alcohol. This is a waste of our time. We need to depend on God and trust in His holy Word than we know Victory is certain!  A-men

If you have not given your heart to God by accepting His only Son Jesus Christ into your heart, won’t you do that today? Ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. He will do it if you ask in faith depending completely on Him.



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Tim Phillips received Jesus into his heart the day before Easter at age 4 (during his 5th year of life) in 1975. He immediately began preaching in his home as play church. In 1984 he became serious as the Lord revealed to him during a sermon, ...not to just tell people what they are doing wrong, but to tell them ( through the Word) how to do right before God. This revelation caused him to develop the heart of a teacher. He became serious about his "garage church" trying to reach all neighbors within hearing distance. Week after week he taught encourage those who listened to serve God. Later, that year God spoke to him in several dreams confirming his call to preach. In 1986 Tim Phillips began preaching at the church that his family attended. Then, in 1988 he was licensed to preach officially. He has preached and studied the word of God for over 26 years. He has done one-on-one counseling and spiritual guidance during this same period. Recently, he was prompted to launch this site to teach and encourage people to consider their eternal future. Eternality is at hand, some of us are only a breath away. Jesus stands with His arms outstretched ready save you from a future in Hell.
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