High Cost Of Freedom

images (5)A perfect God, in His infinite wisdom, created perfect human beings, giving them freewill. With this freewill came the responsibility of choice to either love and obey God or to reject and disobey Him. Unfortunately for us, the first human beings chose wrong- they chose to disobey God and therefore, forfeit eternal life for themselves and all their descendants. Man had to find out the hard way that their is a high cost to freedom.

From that time Adam and Eve (the first human beings and the ancestors of the whole human race) chose to disobey God, the entirety of the world became corrupted.

Why did the world become corrupt?

The world was corrupted because God gave mankind leadership and dominion over the whole planet. In Genesis chapter 1, verse 26, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the Divine counsel meeting between the Trinity…

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”(KJV)

Literally, the God-Head decided to create man to be the Ruler of the world. Therefore, any decisions that he would make with this power would not only affect him, but they would affect the whole planet either for the good or for the bad. If he chose to obey God, the world would be forever at peace, it would not know any death, poverty, sadness, or sorrow. Because man was created in the image of the Creator God, he, himself, is by nature creative and inventive. Inventions that we are just now seeing, would have probably been created thousands of years ago. This life would be a pleasure to live.

Instead, however, their is a high cost of freedom when you make the wrong choice as many do, because the first man chose to disobey God and this lead to immediate suffering and hardships. It would take thousands of years of engineering and inventions before people would have modern comforts and conveniences that most of the world enjoys; although, due to heartless sin and corruption, many still live in lack, unnecessarily, around the world. There is evidence, also, that early human beings were given extraordinary brains before the great flood of Noah, which lead to the creation of sciences and they did have a high degree of primitive technology that archaeology has uncovered, however, these were loss over time.

The once perfect man became a imperfect sinner who loss freedom into eternal life and became the slave of Satan and sin. Truly, his freedom came at a high cost. Therefore, God decided to send Jesus Christ to be born with His seed and become a human being Who would not only show man how to live but would become the living price that needed to be paid to buy man’s freedom to eternal life back. This was a high cost of freedom that only Jesus, a perfect human being, could pay.

How Do We Receive Real Freedoms?

Real freedom from the bondages of sin only comes when you surrender your all to Jesus Christ. Jesus said it this way in Matthew chapter 11, and verses 29 and 30…

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”(KJV)

His burden is light and east to carry as He is the Light of the world. And that light will illuminate your soul and give you a freedom like you have never had before.

Over burdened people have the wrong yoke upon them.

Instead of having the light yoke of God on themselves, people have:

  • the cruel yoke of the world upon them. This leads to addictions, hostility and crime.
  • the selfish yoke of men upon them. Forcing them to obey godless and corrupt leaders.
  • and, worse yet, the yoke of works religion upon them. Leading people to try to pay and atone for sins that Jesus has already paid the price for on the cross. And worse yet, leading people to worship and serve false gods and idols.

Yes, God chose to create a man that would love Him by choice, but God knew that He would risk losing man because there is a high cost of freedom. And with freedom comes responsibility. Therefore, those of us who are free in Christ Jesus must be careful and cautious how we use our freedoms in Christ or we may find ourselves again in bondage to the world and lose these precious freedoms. A-men

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Tim Phillips received Jesus into his heart the day before Easter at age 4 (during his 5th year of life) in 1975. He immediately began preaching in his home as play church. In 1984 he became serious as the Lord revealed to him during a sermon, ...not to just tell people what they are doing wrong, but to tell them ( through the Word) how to do right before God. This revelation caused him to develop the heart of a teacher. He became serious about his "garage church" trying to reach all neighbors within hearing distance. Week after week he taught encourage those who listened to serve God. Later, that year God spoke to him in several dreams confirming his call to preach. In 1986 Tim Phillips began preaching at the church that his family attended. Then, in 1988 he was licensed to preach officially. He has preached and studied the word of God for over 26 years. He has done one-on-one counseling and spiritual guidance during this same period. Recently, he was prompted to launch this site to teach and encourage people to consider their eternal future. Eternality is at hand, some of us are only a breath away. Jesus stands with His arms outstretched ready save you from a future in Hell.
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