Doomed To Repeat

images (2)Their is a lot of talk in the church today about generational curses. That is to say, sins or failures or even physical maladies that are repeated from one generation to the next. Alcoholism, for example, drug addiction, criminal activity, physical or sexual abuse many times are repeated (in a cycle) from one generation to the next. People that recognize these cycles of sin in their families think that they are doomed to repeat the same type of sin.

That Is Not True!

Just because your parents or grandparents were not saved and may have lived wicked lives, does not mean that you are doomed to repeat their failures. The man in 2 Kings 23:25 proves that you can be the one to break the cycle of sin in your generation. Let’s consider the text found in 2 Kings 23:25,

“And like unto him was there no king before him, that turned to the LORD with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; neither after him arose there any like him.”(KJV)

One has to really get the whole picture of the background of King Josiah, the King of Judah. Josiah was a descendant of the apple of God’s eye, King David, he was, also, the great grandson of King Hezekiah who was a righteous king before God. But his grandfather, King Manasseh (who reigned in Judah for 50 years), was the most wicked king that had ever been on the throne in all of the land of Judah. Only King Ahab, who was king of Israel, was anywhere close to being as wicked and blood thirsty as King Manasseh. Then, as if that was not enough, his father, King Amon repeated the sins of Manasseh when he became king, but only lasted 2 years on the throne.

Now, in light of who his fathers were, Josiah was in line to become king and destined and doomed to repeat the sins of his fathers. Not so with King Josiah, because he turned to the Lord with all of his heart despite the previous 52 years of idolatry, witchcraft, and murder that had tarnished his royal lineage. Josiah, early-on realized that he had a choice and not just a destiny. And like King Josiah, you have a choice in the direction that you will take in life. You can either chose Christ and the cross or the flesh and generational curses. It really is your choice.

How Did Josiah Overcome the Generational Sins?

Although Josiah became King of Judah at a very young age (eight years old), he had heard and learned of the righteous exploits of his ancestor King David. We read in 2 Kings chapter 22:2 where,

“He did right in the sight of the Lord  and walked in all the way of his father David, nor did he turn aside to the right or to the left.”(NASB)

Literally, Josiah made-up his mind at a very young age that he wanted to be like David who was a friend of God. Decision is where it all starts, the decisions we make in life will either make us or break us. The most important decision you will make in life is, whom you will serve: God or Self. If you choose God you must embrace the redemptive work of Christ. If, however, you chose self ,as so many have, you will be doomed to repeat the sins and failures of your forefathers. There may be some degree of change from previous generations, but the sins of the fathers is like a train, you cannot fight it without the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ to break the curse. Josiah chose to serve God, and the Spirit of God helped him.

King Josiah did a litany of tasks to prove his love and loyalty to God once he discovered what the Word of God required:

  • He began by, first, repairing the House of God, sparing no expense.
  • He pulled-down the idols in the House of God.
  • He pulled-down the idolatrous temples and high places in all of Judah.
  • Josiah did away with the idolatrous priests.
  • He, also, did away with cult prostitutes which were in the house of God.
  • He broke down and defiled the high places for the idol, Molech, (a pagan god that required child sacrifices).

King Josiah did everything within his power to turn his nation back to God. His actions did pleased God, but because of the horrific sins of his fathers Manasseh and Amon, Judah was still under a serious judgment sentence from God. God, however, would spare Judah from seeing any judgment during the life of Josiah.

And, in the same way, God will spare us from the judgment to come when we place our faith in Jesus Christ and the redemptive power of the blood that He shed on the cross. When we plead the blood of Jesus (in faith) over our lives and over our families, we can hold back or even destroy the cycle of sins and generational curses that we were doomed to repeat.  A-men

Won’t you ask Jesus to take away the cycle of sin in your life. Ask Him to forgive your sins and the sins of your family and come into your heart and wash and cleanse you from all sin. Then, ask Him to become Lord of your life. He Will Do It For You!

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Tim Phillips received Jesus into his heart the day before Easter at age 4 (during his 5th year of life) in 1975. He immediately began preaching in his home as play church. In 1984 he became serious as the Lord revealed to him during a sermon, ...not to just tell people what they are doing wrong, but to tell them ( through the Word) how to do right before God. This revelation caused him to develop the heart of a teacher. He became serious about his "garage church" trying to reach all neighbors within hearing distance. Week after week he taught encourage those who listened to serve God. Later, that year God spoke to him in several dreams confirming his call to preach. In 1986 Tim Phillips began preaching at the church that his family attended. Then, in 1988 he was licensed to preach officially. He has preached and studied the word of God for over 26 years. He has done one-on-one counseling and spiritual guidance during this same period. Recently, he was prompted to launch this site to teach and encourage people to consider their eternal future. Eternality is at hand, some of us are only a breath away. Jesus stands with His arms outstretched ready save you from a future in Hell.
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