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No Mourning Allowed

In Acts chapter 9 verses 39-42, we discover that the Apostle Peter had to clear those that were mourning for Tabitha out of the upper chamber area in order to make room for miracles. Mourners only serve to elevate dead situations. They only exalt the negative by looking … Continue reading

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God’s Power

In the book of Job chapters 40 and 41 God is speaking about His immense and great power. God has accepted Job’s invitation to gain an audience with Him, but instead of answering Job’s timeless question: “Why,” He decides to explain to Job, in so many words, … Continue reading

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Freedom In Christ

Acts 13: 39 “And through Him everyone who believes is freed from all things, from which you could not be freed through the Law of Moses.” (NASB) In Christ you can find freedom from every bondage, and from every need that exists. He is … Continue reading

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Receiving forgiveness from the Lord is one of the greatest gifts that He has given to the human race. The key word here, however, is ‘receiving’ this forgiveness which seems to be very difficult for many people to do. The problem that most people … Continue reading

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